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released May 4, 2013

All songs performed by Those Boys Cassidy

Win Cassidy - guitar/banjo/harmonica/vocals
Jesco Cassidy - keyboards/vocals
Buck Cassidy - guitar/banjo/vocals
Blue Cassidy - bass guitar
Rye Cassidy - drumkit/percussion/vocals
Tarah Cassidy - percussion/vocal

Festival Express written by Jesco & Buck Cassidy
Nowhere Bound written by Jesco Cassidy & Mark “Boots” Graham
Losing Game & Swamp Livin’ written by Jesco Cassidy
One of a Kind & Contracted written by Win Cassidy
Blood Shot Red, Fever & Hurricane written by Mark “Boots” Graham
Special guest trainwhistle on Festival Express played by Sheamus Hanrahan
Additional background vocals on Contracted by Mark “Boots” Graham

Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Jesco Cassidy & Konrad Czaplak
Recorded by Sound Freqs @ Profile Studios & Chester St. Vancouver, BC 2012-2013
Composite Photographs & Layout by Rye Cassidy



all rights reserved


Those Boys Cassidy Vancouver, British Columbia

Those Boys Cassidy is a six member country rock band based in Vancouver, BC. Featuring multiple song writers, their debut album "Chester" highlights the various lead vocalists and a mixture of influences from country, rock and roll to folk and blues.

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Track Name: Festival Express
You don't need to bring much, a guitar and a bottle of booze
I said all your friends will be there, so come on boys it's time to get loose
No the train’s not on fire, pay no attention to all the smoke
Just take a couple deep breaths, there's no line so take more then one toke
Wooo Wooo
Hear the train a comin’
Oh I don't know, but I was told
This train’s a headed westbound, and we're goin’ for broke
You see I'm too scared to sleep, I don't wanna miss a thing
Let Jerry's guitar weep, while Rick and Janis sing
Wooo Wooo
Hear the train a comin’
No more coal on the fire, and the booze is all dried up
We can't get any higher, and the train is soon to stop
Cuz it's the end of the line, someone call Casey Jones
We need a lil more time, no one wants to go home
Track Name: Bloodshot Red
Won't you gimme a kiss with those wine stained lips,
I wanna taste your cheap cigarettes
The smell of your perfume goes right to my head,
your eyes so blue mine blood shot red
The way that you walk it really moves me,
sendin’ shivers right through me
I wanted to party but got you instead,
your eyes so blue mine blood shot red
Well lawdy mamma you gotta undertstand,
that it's been years since I got so outta hand
You‘re bringing back what might have been dead,
your eyes so blue mine blood shot red
I'll sing you my heart if you promise to dance,
I'll try to keep in time with my hands
I'm lettin’ this feeling go right to my head,
your eyes so blue mine blood shot red
Track Name: Fever
Feeling strange kinda loose and wild, wanna hoot and holler like I was a child
My woman left me out in the cold, maybe it's a fever I cannot know
I cannot know please don't tell me, if I've got a fever, if I've got a disease
I cannot know what’s bothering me, if I've got a fever, if I've got a disease
Can't go to no doctor can't see no shrink,
money in my pocket’s worth more then what they think
I'd rather buy some whiskey and hit the road, maybe it's a fever I cannot know
I cannot know Lord what they'd find, If I've got a fever, if I'm losing my mind
I cannot know Lord what they'd find, If I've got a fever, if I'd lost my mind
Mind’s always racing I can't be shy, folks said I was crazy my whole damn life
Maybe I'm wild and out of control, maybe it's a fever I cannot know
I cannot know please don't tell me, If I’ve got a fever, if I've got a disease
I cannot know what's bothering me, If I’ve got a fever, if I've gone crazy
Track Name: Nowhere Bound
You and me and the Devil makes three,
riding this southbound freight and feelin’ free
We don't look back, not even a glance
Leave it to lady luck and her brother chance
We're gonna ride this train, as far as it goes
Our path will change, with the tracks below
We're gonna ride this train, till the very end
Through heaven's gates, if they let us in
Follow these rails, till death do us part
Along the dusty trail, through your old heart
We're nowhere bound, headed for home
Through an ol’ ghost town, that I've never known
Our fate lies in the weary hands,
and the tired eyes of the old switchman
So hold me tight, just around this bend
For one last night, that will never end
Track Name: One of a Kind
I ain't exactly been in Heaven's good books
Since the Devil blessed me with his rugged good looks
Made in his image and making it look good
I charm the innocent a bit more than I should
Cause when it gets down to it, Only a few can do it
The rest just trail behind
I'm a country picker, Fed on corn-mash liquor
And Lord knows I am one of a kind
Now I'm blood-drunk and hell-bent, I've done things I know I should regret
But I'm out on top and I'm out ahead, And if I ain't livin’ hard I'm better off dead
Cause when it gets down to it, Only a few can do it
The rest just trail behind
I'm a country picker, Fed on corn-mash liquor
And I'm just trying to buy some time
Nights like these ain't for the timid, Cocaine, fighting, and drunk lonely women
Whiskey lullabies and red stinging eyes, Done got me thinkin’ about my .45
Cause when it gets down to it, Only a few can do it
The rest just trail behind
I'm a country picker, Fed on corn-mash liquor
And mama said my 2 step will blow your mind
Track Name: Losing Game
There’s no winter to kill me now
No more summer to warm this face
Ain’t got no woman to hold me down
There’s no mother to save my grace
Well I'm sorry miss but I gotta go, he's calling out my name
It's hard to tell a friend from foe when all y'all act the same
My steel was raw but iron true, I could taste his fear in the air
I pleaded boy I don't want to kill you, not over a queen and pair
It's a losing game, It's a losing game
The look in his eyes said I don’t want this, his fingers tell no lies
I hope he gave his momma a kiss, for today is the day he dies
Maybe he had his hat too tight to think that I could cheat
The path he's on bound for the light, wound up at my feet
As I squeezed the trigger my body went cold, and he cried of innocence
I robbed that young boy of his soul for a game worth 30 cents
As the smoke rose from my barrel, the skies from blue to black
The cold I felt wasn't peril, but a bullet in my back
Track Name: Hurricane
I was born in a West Virginia coal strike, Harold Caine the Second is my name
I was raised in a catch penny shanty town, till I was old enough to catch that train
You see my father said don't let no one stand in your way, of getting what you have earned
A man has got a right to his pay, you've got to give those people what they deserve
So I got off that train in the first place I saw with a bank and a westward train
I ran into the bank with my Pa's gun drawn, and left so fast that's why they call me the Hurricane
Hurricane, ride that train and keep movin’ oh so fast
Rob the rich man, put it back in the good hands of the working man at last
Well it wasn't too long till I was past Dixie, I hit every bank along the way
In every small town the people said they would miss me, like they'd miss their hard earned pay
Papers went crazy callin’ me an American Robin Hood on amphetamine
The only reason I move so fast is if I slow down now this train is bound to be my last
In all of my work I never hurt nobody, no one ever seemed to stand in my way
I think deep down all those people loved me, and seeing a dog have his day
Everybody except ol’ Johnny Law, those cowards never seem to tire
I know every man has got a job, but they should know that they are playin’ with fire
(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Contracted
There was a time when these hands held more than guns
A time when they'd shake your hand
or wave hello to anyone
But now it seems it's too hard to keep 'em clean
God knows I've tried everything
There's blood in my wallet, on them dollar bills
that pay for the booze, the drugs, and the thrills
It's not an honest way of living
But a living nonetheless
And for that, I'll do my best
But if they catch me or if I pass on
Please put these guns to better use and try
To get along
There comes a time when every man must make a choice
Define what's right or wrong
To use your might and not your voice
But lately I've seen that my choices were bad for me
They cost friends and family
There's blood in the ink that signed my soul away
and washed it all down the sink
Track Name: Swamp Livin'
Mr. Alligator, where have you gone?
Well I'm creepin on a critter, that I can snack on
Mr. Alligator, how do you get your thrills?
From lurkin’ in the water, log like still
I can smell you from a hundred yards away,
and I know just how you’re gonna taste
Please Mr. Alligator don't eat me today
It's too late, I'm already on the way
Where the swamp grows, nobody goes
Where the swamp grows, I call my home
There's nothing you can do to get me closer to you
There's nothing you can say to make me change my ways
Before you know, I'll take a big ol’ bite outta you
I think it's time for a great escape